Muzi Wang

ETC Student @ Carnegie Mellon Univ
Tsinghua Univ Alumni
Work Exp.

Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing, China

 Speech Group

Mentor: Lei Sun

#Research #Internship #NLP

Chinese Grammatical Error Correction

• Worked on Chinese grammatical error diagnosis tasks with Machine Learning in Microsoft Research Asia as an intern.


• Creatively applied pre-trained model ‘BERT’ to Chinese grammatical error diagnosis task with PaddlePaddle, and proposed strategies for model structure improvement, which outcompeted the State-Of-The-Art Model on the NLP-TEA CGED data set in comparative experiments.


• Some ensemble models were further proposed to aggregate the advantage of different strategies.


• Implemented a data augmentation method combining with Byte Pair Encoding to solved the problem of insuffcient Chinese annotated data.


• Made ‘Transformer’ a word-and-character level generative model with Tensorflow, and built an online Chinese error correction website with Flask based on that model.


JD.COM, Beijing, China

Big Data & Intelligent Supply Chain Division

Mentor: Anqi Cui

#Research #Internship #Data Mining #NLP

Detecting Customer Complaint Escalation with Recurrent Neural Networks and Manually-Engineered Features

• Mined data and analyzed the characteristics of online chat records with Python.


• Used Pytorch in Natural Language Processing to implement deep neural network which can pre-judge the probability of leapfrogging complaints through chat records, allowing customer service to take timely measures.


• The product has been launched inside JD.COM and is being used by customer service of JD online mall to reduce complains.


Detecting Customer Complaint Escalation with Recurrent Neural Networks and Manually-Engineered Features 

Accepted by NAACLHLT 2019


 #VR #Game #Story Telling #BVW

Interactive Storytelling Game: Onmyoji

Platform: Unity, Oculus, C#


Duration: Three Weeks


What I Did:  Programming | Designing | Making Props

• Designed and constructed the overall structure of the Unity project. 

• Implemented game flow and gameplay (especially storytelling) of this game, including NPC AI, Maru System, player interaction system, environment changing system and so on. 

• Collaborated with 4 other teammates to decide the overall game flow, the form of storytelling, the mechanism of boss fighting, level design and the way of interacting. 

• Made props for this game in the 2019 ETC festival.  


What’s This Game About:

Onmyoji is an interactive game and storytelling presented through Oculus VR.  It is designed based on the Japanese Firework Festival held by the YoKai (fairies) that existed in the Japanese stories. The player is the visitors outside of the town and participates as the Onmyoji (monster hunter) who expels the evil monsters who ruin the event with his/her magic of revealing the invisible monster and using fire to attack. Players interact with YoKais that are selling stuff to obtain their skills such as controlling fire and making devils visible in order to pass the game.



#Cave #Story Telling #BVW #Fast Prototyping

Storytelling Experience: Spymaster

Platform: Unity, Cave, Phidget, C#

Duration: Two Weeks

What I Did:  Programming

• Explored gameplay machanism with 4 other teammates.

• Realized using Cave as environment and dealt with input from Phidget.

• Implemented game logic for the decoding part and worked on the overall game flow. 


What’s This Game About:

This is a immersive story telling experience set in Cave. In the virtual world, guests will engage in the world by using their agent IDs and code booklet to start their experience with using the props. Then, they will discover that they are tricked by Dr. Atomic into advancing his plans for blowing up the moon, and the only way he could be stopped was to re-encrypt the codes while a countdown happens. 


Guests should feel really engaged in the experience because they would have to work side by side and be physically entering the codes with Phidget. They should go through emotions from excited, confused, betrayed, and hopefully happy if they manage to enter the codes in time.



#VR #BVW #Fast Prototyping

Immersive VR Experience: Whale you are here

Platform: Unity, HTC Vive, C#


Duration: Two Weeks


What I Did:  Programming

• Implemented the game system including the game flow, animal system, player’s interaction and movement and etc.  

• Built a fantastic environment in the space, including the particle system, skybox’s color changing.

• Designed the fantasy with the other four teammates.


What’s This Game About:

This is an immersive VR experience, a dreamy world where our guests can feel the freedom of wandering in the beautiful space with a physical joystick prop we built. Meanwhile guest can pop the bubbles with their magic stick to save the ocean animals inside. 


#Game #BVW #Fast Prototyping

Leap Motion + VR game: Oh My Cat!

Platform: Unity, Leap Motion, Oculus, C#


Duration: One Week


What I Did:  Programming | Designing

• Set up and debugged platform (Leap Motion).

• Programmed events handling and part of the game logic.

• Worked with 4 other teammates to design the level and mechanism of generating bigger cats. 


What’s This Game About:

We used Leap Motion to build a tough but funny “cat merging” game, in which guests use a magic machine to merge two cats with the same scale and two shared features to get bigger cats. Whoever gets the ultimate giant cat within limited time could win.


#Game #BVW #Fast Prototyping

AR Parker Game: Cat And Mouse

Platform: Unity, Magic Leap, C#


Duration: Two Weeks


What I Did:  Programming | Designing

• Gameplay programming and events handling.

• Creatively designed and implemented the rolling ground in the AR world to make a difference.

• Designed the experience with two artists, a sound designer, and another programmer.


What’s This Game About:

An AR game where guests need to help the cute little mouse who stole the cheese to run away from the cat by feeding mouse cheese to speed it up or dropping traps on the cat to slow it down.